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"The Little Prince" will be published in the languages of small ethnic groups of Russia

Here is an information about this project for collectors loving the Saint Exupery's wonderful tale "The Little Prince".

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in our project and your passion for The Little Prince. We have tried to put together the answers for the most logical questions that you are probably want answered. If there is still some information you want to know, please, feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail nb@b612.ru

Q: Tell us a few words about yourselves.
A: Our (almost newly born J) organization is called The Little Prince’s Stars, and since March 2008 we have been working in Russia as Russian representatives of Saint-Exupery – d’Agay family. Our aim is to create ties between people by working together on social and cultural projects and making our planet a better place. Our projects range from helping preserve the environment and working with orphans to translating and publishing The Little Prince in the languages of small ethnic groups living in Russia.

Q: What is this particular project all about?
A: Publishing The Little Prince in Altaic – a Turkic language of a small ethnic group living in the Altai Mountains in Russia. The very limited edition (roughly 5000 copies) will be almost entirely given out for free to the Altai children (subscribers of a small Altai magazine “Solony” (“Rainbow” in Altaic). Besides that, the book is going to be printed on 100 % eco-friendly chlorine-free paper. To find out more about the project you can go to http://www.b612.ru/presentations/altai/

Q: How can I take part?
A: By making a donation and receiving a book in return as a gift.

Q: What is this money going to be spent on?
A: On publishing the book – printing, design, etc. There are a lot of costs within the project and they are going to be covered by joint contributions of a lot of people. We feel that this money should be spent on the actual publishing.

Q: When the donation is needed?
A: We need t pay the publishing house in late June, so the answer is by the end of June. There is no deadline, of course, but the money is needed urgently, so if you really want to help, please, do it before the end of June.

Q: What is the typical donation you are expecting per book?
A: We think the minimal donation will be 50 euros (excluding the cost of delivery). This, as you understand is really the lowest limit - if anyone should feel like giving more – they will be most welcome. As our “thank you” for the donation we will send the person two books, each of them signed by the translator (Brontoi Bedyurov) and (we hope) – Frederic d’ Agay. Once again – we don’t want to be selling books – we just want to give an opportunity to the people who care to feel a part of this project.

We thought long and hard about the delivery and how we can handle it (thanks to those of you who helped with suggestions and information) and decided since DHL and the like is horrendously expensive (around 100 euros and more), the easiest way will be just to include 20 euros for the postage and we will mail it through normal mail. The difference regionally is tiny (almost non-existent). So, 20 euros plus for the postage.

We would also appreciate an e-mail (to my address) with a few words about the person who donated to the project – who the person is, where he/she is from, what they do, how old they are, their interests and hobbies, how and why they discovered and came to like The Little Prince, links to their internet resources (like yours, for instance), etc., their photos. With this information we are hoping to create an internet site with little portraits/profiles/stories of the Little Prince international community. Again, if you would like to take part, but don’t want your personal profile to be on our site, we would understand and respect your choice.

Q: How can I make the donation? (is paypal fine or do you want something else?)
A: This, unfortunately, is the most difficult question. We know paypal is great and we would like for us to be able to use it in the nearest future, but so far Russia is, to put it mildly, a little bit behind in such areas. Russia has very tricky laws when it comes to international money transfers in foreign currency. Basically, any international foreign currency transfer that happens between a private individual and an organization requires a contract stating why the money was transferred (which is quite a hassle).
What we suggest to make it easier is transfer to an account that I have opened specifically for this purpose (account to account). As soon as I receive the money I will withdraw it, cash it, exchange the currency and then put it on “The Little Prince’s Stars” account.

This account’s information is:
Intermediary bank: Deutsche Bank AG, Fr/Main, Germany
Correspondent account in Intermediary bank: 10094755200
Beneficiary bank: Bank VTB 24, Moscow, Russia
Beneficiary Customer: 40817978400510008866
Bayrak Natalia Viktorovna

In case you are surprised by the amount of information, our bank system is slightly different. We don’t have an IBAN, for instance, and the money goes through an intermediary bank in Europe, because it’s in a foreign currency.

There is, however, another method:
Vol de Nuit has opened an account to collect donations for us and then transfer them onto our account:

Les virements sont a faire en euros

Code IBAN : FR76 3093 8000 2500 2500 0868 631
Code Swift : LUBPFRPP
Titulaire : Vol de Nuit / Operation ALTAI

Q: How many books total are going to be available for collectors?
A: The total number of copies in this edition is going to 5000. 3000 will be given out to children, 1000 – to the libraries. 500 we will reserve for the collectors or anybody else interested. The books are not going to be on sale anywhere.

Q: How many books per collector would you allow?
А: Like I said, everybody will receive 2 books and it will be 2 books per person only. The reason is that we are more interested in getting to know you and creating ties with you then selling the books. However, as you understand, we are not going to track every donation down, so my guess is if somebody wants quite a few books more, they can find an easy way to get them (e.g. ask somebody else to “buy” the books for them).

Q: When will the book be available?
А: We are delivering the books to the children in September, so we wanted it to be late August when the books come out of print. However, since Frederic d’Agay is going to come to the book’s presentation in the Altai in September we will ask him to sing the book for you (which means we will start sending out the books in late September).

Q: How many books total are going to be available for collectors?
А: The total number of copies in this edition is going to 5000. 3000 will be given out to children, 1000 – to the libraries. 500 we will reserve for the collectors or anybody else interested. The books are not going to be on sale anywhere.

Thank you once again for your interest and help, please, feel free to send your comments and feedback to me at nb@b612.ru
Natalia Bayrak,
Project coordinator,
The Little Prince’s Stars
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