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Crossover Fanfiction

Hello! I was first introduced to "The Little Prince" when my aunt gave me the book for my thirteenth birthday. I recall reading it casually, but not fully appreciating it. It was only last year that I reacquainted myself with Saint-Ex, through Daniel Lavoie- the marvelous French-Canadian musical artist who plays L'Aviateur, in Richard Cocciante's musical adaptation. I'm sure I don't have to explain how much and why I love this story among fellow fans.

I'm (avocationally) a creative writer, and have a great love for good fanfiction. Crossing "The Little Prince" over with as many stories as I can may or may not be a literary goal of mine. As of today, I have two to share with you! Perhaps you are familiar with the adjoined stories? If so, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. =)

"Asteroid B-612" - A 'Doctor Who' Crossover
In his inter-galactic travels, one day the Doctor comes upon a very small planet inhabited by a small prince, a rose, three volcanoes and a sheep…

"Le Petit Homme Vert" - A 'Contact' Crossover
When the Little Prince returns to planet Earth, he finds himself in the desert once again-- but it is not the desert he is familiar with. In the course of his wandering, he meets two astronomers, Doctors Kent Clark and Ellie Arroway.
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